Cummins Engine

Our product range includes a wide range of cummins generator engine, cummins gas engine and caterpillar diesel engine.

Cummins Generator Engine

₹ 50000/Piece Get Latest Price

Peak Torque (Newton Meter)569
Stroke4 Stroke
Power50-70 kW
Rated Speed2800 RPM

4007519 seal,o ring4065493 hose,flexibleax1001128 element air filter inner3640162 tube,water transfer4981741 gaugept144h-25a3s 25 kva, alternator, 1ph,50hz,pt144h, with avr, no ct3883446 hose,flexible3171485 hose,hump4927728 tube,water transfer4986745 tachometer3633995 clamp,t bolt2891940 tensioner,belt4063971 hose,flexible4987365 sensor,position3637764 hose,flexible3235035 stud3071225 screw,captive washer cap3959257 tube,water transfer4978586 head,fuel filter5288648 hose,flexible4958804 cleaner,air4345975 tube,water inlet4072266 tube,water makeup3090139 belt,v ribbed4069776 tube,injector fuel supply3179716 tube,air inletst  896 gauge,ringax1006691 bearing, de hc7 (j) / p7 (f & g)3408538 sensor,temperature3164383 gauge,sight410a10263 hc4 cde frame machining3882466 elbow,male adapter3313306 element,fuel filter4903202 sensor,temperature3003342 belt,v ribbedax1001074 p m stator (wound) hc5/hc664488 nut,lock3957497 tube,water transfer2879678 coupling,flexible3897569 tube,flexible3164984 gauge,vlv head thickness4395475 tube,water inlet4395476 tube,water outlet191-1063 p1 wnd ex rtr 34mm3430252 tube,tur oil drain4395481 tube,water outlet4007900 hose,plain4100966 hose,flexible3092707 tube,vent3910994 pipe,exhaust outlet3288788 hose,flexible3375456 tool,injector sleeve remo3033379 control,vernier3924894 cleaner,air4962948 coupling,flexible5288695 tube,injector fuel supplyax1013711 coupling,flexible3003754 tube,lub oil suction3013298 sleeve3016309 tube,exhaust outlet3231419 belt,vee0511-0161-22 belt-fan4078949 screw,hexagon head cap500108    m gauge,temperature4395480 tube,water inlet45-0407 p80 nde brg kit (051-01066)3928640 thermostat3632339 hose,flexibles0l1-h1-10a4 s0l1-h1 10 kva 3 phase  sae4/6. 5 alternator with as 540 avr3944917 tube,oil gauge4395340 clamp,t boltax1002641 coupling disc, hc 6, sae 143030792 hose,hump4975482 tube,filter4969193 hose,flexible3100308 resistor,corrosionax1014481 hose reducer elbow3092206 belt,v ribbed3092998 retainer,spring3417970 tube,cpr water outlet3253778 screw,hexagon head cape000-23412 mx341- mk 2 avr3957411 hose,flexible200293 elbow,male union3968426 tube,fuel drain3101610 hose,flexible4105897 gauge,sight5309235 element,air cleanerkit3238057 kit,air filter4078704 hose,flexible3879267 head,lub oil filterak 5070   ss hose,flexible3177310 tube,water transfer3918919 tube,water transfer3630125 hose,plain0503-2641 clamp-hose3093694 tube,lub oil suction3632336 hose,flexible3642271 tube,breather3640338 head,fuel filter0300-4080-01 board pc - analog single4380743 tube,oil gauge3280889 tube,oil gauge5283572 belt,v ribbed4105090 coupling,flexible3408519 sensor,pressure0200-3374 generator asslyax1014061 card,sensor3420946 sensor,speed4015803 tube,lub oil supply4954450 sensor,temperature4916702 head,fuel filter3973092 hose,flexible3034999 tube,lub oil transfer2870598 hose,flexible3630751 cleaner,air3086275 tube,lub oil suctionak16015  6ms hose,flexible4927763 tube,water transferj0130-8385 belt-fan 31pk-2285 (60pb020)3925325 tube,injector fuel supply3878893 cleaner,air3927325 coupling,elbow hose212743 elbow, 90deg hose4080262 hose,flexible3168216 hose,flexible3178834 hose,flexible3414553 coupling,flexible3034076 bearing,thrust4057874 tube,air3877402 cleaner,air3642537 sensor,temperature3642339 clamp,retaining3413911 tube,water inlet5279205 tube,air3037535 elbow,male union4009536 tube,lub oil suction3098985 gasket,cylinder head760-10912 hc7 2b de e,bracket - m,c'ing3089585 elbow,male union4006303 plate,cover5261251 element,air cleaner4054496 hose,flexible3095826 seal,o ring3881284 weight carrier3644844 hose,flexible3096258 tube,fuel supply4921499 sensor,pressure4344674 clamp,t bolt4344675 clamp,t bolt4344676 clamp,t boltax1013175 detector,bearing temperature (1 per brg)_hc6ax1013803 cleaner,air4921519 sensor,pressure5298511 gauge,spark plug gap4096858 clamp,hose3637770 hose,flexible3635130 hose,flexible4013762 hose,flexible144-h0500 bc184h wnd mn str(05)

Cummins Gas Engine

₹ 50000/Piece Get Latest Price

Voltage220 V
Rated Speed2500 RPM
Cooling StyleWater Cooled
Stroke4 Stroke
Peak Torque508
MaterialMild Steel

Cummins Gas Engine offered generators are manufactured with the aid of modern machinery and cutting-edge technology that is installed at our premises. Further, without making compromise with the quality of the products, we have mustered huge client-base. Diesel Generators Send Enquiry PDF Leading DG Set manufacturers in India, ranging from 15 kVA to 3350 kVA Gensets.

Common Features:

  • Ready to use, Silent Power, Compact and Light Weight
  • Environment friendly power
  • Unmatched warranty
  • Lowest operating costs
  • Single source power solutions

Cummins DG Set Ratings:

  • 15 kVA : X1.3TAA-G1
  • 20 kVA : X2.7T-G1
  • 25 kVA : X2.7T-G1
  • 30 kVA : X2.7TAA-G2
  • 35 kVA : X3.6TAA-G1
  • 40 kVA : X3.6TAA-G1
  • 50 kVA : 4BTAA3.3-G11
  • 62.5 kVA : 4BTAA3.3-G11
  • 70 kVA : 4BTAA3.9-G3
  • 82.5 kVA : 4BTAA3.9-G4
  • 100 kVA : 6BTAA5.9-G13
  • 125 kVA : 6BTAA5.9-G13
  • 140 kVA : QSB5.9-G1
  • 160 kVA : QSB5.9-G2
  • 180 kVA : QSB6.7-G14
  • 200 kVA : QSB6.7-G15
  • 225 kVA : QSB6.7-G16
  • 250 kVA : QSL9-G16
  • 275 kVA : QSL9-G16
  • 300 kVA : QSL9-G15
  • 320 kVA : QSL9-G15
  • 365 kVA : QSN14-G1
  • 380 kVA : QSN14-G2
  • 400 kVA : QSN14-G2
  • 500 kVA : KTAA19-G10
  • 520 kVA : KTAA19 G11
  • 600 kVA : QSK19-G6
  • 625 kVA : QSK19-G6
  • 650 kVA : QSK19-G7
  • 750 kVA : KTA38-G10
  • 810 kVA : KTA38-G11
  • 1010 kVA : KTA38-G5
  • 1250 kVA : KTA50-G3
  • 1500 kVA : KTA50-G8-I
  • 1750 kVA : QSK50-G10
  • 1800 kVA : QSK50-G10
  • 1875 kVA : QSK60-G3
  • 2000 kVA : QSK60-G4
  • 2250 kVA : QSK60-G8
  • 2750 kVA : QSK78-G9
  • 3350 kVA : QSK95-G4


Caterpillar Diesel Engine

₹ 56180/Piece Get Latest Price

Model Name/NumberAs per brand
Number Of CylinderAs per brand
BrandAs per brand
Engine ModelAs per brand
FrequencyAs per brand
StrokeAs per brand
DimensionAs per brand
MaterialAs per brand
Minimum RatingAs per brand
VoltageAs per brand
SpeedAs per brand
Compression RatioAs per brand
Governor TypeAs per brand
Fuel SystemAs per brand
DisplacementAs per brand
BoreAs per brand
ConditionSecond hand

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

This Engine is fully working condition
This Engine has few ignorable scratches and minor dent
This Engine has fully working guarantee

This engine Genuine


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